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so.quick silver quickly.ended for me lol now i work at subway. its fun. one day o hope to get q higher paid job though lol. but subways actually really fun. its work but i still enjoy it

Hi guys im working for a new company(to me) called Quick Silver Restoration. We work with your homeowners insurance so u dont have to pay anything out of pocket. PLUS because we deal with storms it wont raise your premiums. We fix gutters roofs interior and siding  if your interested and live in the wv ohio area drop me a message on tumblr. LETS SAVE MONEY!!!!

terra and the son~

the snow drifts

it floats in the air

slowly sinking to terra

her once beautiful green now covered with white

her luscious brown hair now frozen in time

and her skin once soft, once so inviting is now cold to the touch.

and the sun that once loved her…
his arms reaches out to her cold body

trying to warm her and revive,

yet she is slow to breathing

yet when she wakes she is tainted black, grey, and blue

yet she is still terra, mother, and alive

Charity Drive

Big success. we were able to get all the kids at the foster home (before they get adopted or go to a temp foster home to see if they fit) presents for Christmas and they were super happy. I can’t thank everyone enough for donating. Of course all the donators were people in my area and surrounding areas. but it was amazing. we didn’t reach our actual goal but we were close. I hope next year I can participate again and make the goal. that’s my goal for the next charity. If not that  then I hope we exceed our goal so that those children or whomever resides there or wherever we donate will be happy as well.

My college experience the good…and the bad

So todays random blog is going to be about college.

Everyone says its important… and it is. However colleges and universities lie about a lot of things and you probably don’t notice until its to late.

Well, their not really lying so much as their that  friend of yours that tells you to do something or try something. So what do you do? You try it, however they say that you have to, and later you find out it wasn’t necessary. Or that it will cost you later.

I’m sure you all know what i’m talking about by now. If you havn’t guessed then i’l tell you. Loans. Loans suck, BUT sometimes we need to take loans in order to pay for our education. Or else we can’t further our education, and that sucks. I personally love learning, however I hate owing someone money. Especially when there is a price tag that not only goes along with it but increases if given enough time.

So if your in this kind of situation or your afraid your going to be in one in a few years I have a solution.

Step one: find out what kind of scholarships is available to you.

Its free money take it. Take it and run with it while you still can so you can get that education you want.

Step two: See what kind of grants are available like the Pell grant. Its free money too. However some grants have catches so make sure to read the fine print or you could be paying later.

Step three: If you have to get a loan see step one. Because you probably missed a few. Get involved in sports and study. A good GPA can land you academic scholarships from your school, state, and university. Sports are easy, if your not good at coordination that’s okay there are sports that don’t need it. You can run cross country or track. If running’s not your forte but jumping is do field events like long jump, pole vaulting or heck  hurdles. but that involves some running and its not really called “jumping.”  you literally run over the hurdles but its still looks like jumping.

If you can’t do that you can throw. Yes throw, not considered a pretty sport but its awesome for anger management and it doesn’t involve running. Not unless your coach is a little different. and girls you can throw too. iv’e seen girls throwing who are 4.2 ft and actually win events that way. however if your tall you can get more distance. and if you overweight you throw. puts more oomph into your throw. its better to be fit but its not the Olympics. just do your best in your sport

(if you want to do sports)

but if all else fails and you have health reasons or you just can’t do it because you just don’t want to or its not “you” I have one final step

get a loan.

It sucks but sometimes there is no other option. But don’t get suckered into the deal. I did and it will take me years to pay it off not months not one year but YEARS.

So heres what you do to not fall for traps like this.

First check to make sure you have explored all other options. Then check loan options. see what you can get, how much, and what the strings attached are. Like what it I take outa loan for 4000 each semester how much do I pay back?

the answer is not 4000

it actually is more. that’s because there is INTEREST on that loan. and depending on the loan you get it could be any price. Especially loans that increase while you are in school.

I personally took out loans that didn’t increase until I got out of school and I had a 3 month window to raise enough money to begin paying it off. but I needed a minimum of 12 credits or hours a semester as a” full time student” to make sure my loans didn’t start spiraling to ungodly proportions.

that was the big string in my loans. It basically read ” you stay in school until you graduate. Maintain 12 hours a semester and we wont make you pay until you graduate. Then were gonna hunt you down and make you pay. so don’t run.” So I was kind of scared, but then they said” oh but well give three months and give you a payment plan.”

I was relieved. But I’m actually lucky. there was this loan that I thought about taking right? I’ll call it…the SHARK loan. I thought it was better than the ones I took out. I’m so glad I didn’t… turns out they double what you have to pay when you graduate and there was an interest on it too that increased  what I had to pay even if I was paying it off or in school.

So to finish my little rant. DONT TAKE  OUT LOANS UNLESS YOU HAVE TO, OR YOU WILL PAY THE PRICE. and if you do make sure you read the fine print or you will be paying much more than what you anticipated and that education you wanted is going to seem really stupid.

p.s. education is awesome but don’t pay more than what you have to because then that better pay won’t be for you it will all go towards paying debt you might have for the rest of your life. Be careful!


Children In Need Charity Drive

Hi followers! I’m involved in a local fund raiser t as money for an orphanage called the Children’s Home Society. We are trying to raise money for the orphans so that they can have a memorable Christmas. They are always in need of hygiene stuffs such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, and cleaners for some of the kids who may have braces. They also are in need of clothes.

So if anyone  (follower or not) is interested please let m know and I can give you more information on where to donate supplies or checks directly to the Children’s Home Society.

p.s. any money leftover from buying supplies will go to buying Christmas presents for the children as that is the only way they get anything for Christmas is through generous donations. donations are accepted between no and December 22, 2013.

So please do whatever you can to help these kids or to donate t one of your own local orphanages. It can make a world of  a difference in these young peoples lives!

Sincerely & Lovingly,


ramble #5-6 

once i was a scibbler and now i write poetry. but i still scribble because it gives way to my poetry. my inspiration comes from my life, the things i see, and what once was.
so i am going to post a story later i hope you all like it. its called Life

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